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Conference 2019

Our final conference was held on 2 November 2019. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the success of the past ten years, many of whom have had no particular obligation to give so freely of their time – they know who they are.

Particular thanks are due to Dr. Alan Crosby and Dr. Michael Winstanley, both of whom have not only provided excellent lectures, but have also been a source of encouragement, and guidance, to ourselves. We are also much appreciative of the support provided by the Lancashire Local History Federation, our conference partners.

And lastly, but by no means least, to all who have attended our conferences. Since January 2010, we have organised twelve such events covering forty-three lectures carried out by twenty-one speakers. Your support, combined with the opportunity to share our common interest in local history, has made it all worthwhile. The many kind comments received since the final conference have been greatly valued. It is good to know that our efforts have been considered worthwhile.

Jackie Roberts and Michele Benson have been welcoming faces meeting people as they arrived at each Conference
Stalls of historical books, postcards and ephemera did a good trade with people browsing and buying throughout the day

Over one thousand people have attended the FHN Conferences over the 10 years.

Marion Howell – Chair of the FLA and Jo Darbyshire
Heather Penswick chooses a desert, served by Maureen Shakeshaft ably helped by Joan Hinds
John Wilson and Bob Dobson – both with wonderful collections of second hand history books for sale
Lunch for the speakers Left to right:
Prof John Belchem, Dr Mike Winstanley, Dr Alan Crosby, Prof Robert Poole
The FHN “team” with regular speakers Dr. Mike Winstanley, and Dr Alan Crosby
The end of a successful era – Dr Mike Winstanley, Peter Shakeshaft and Dr Alan Crosby